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Owners: How to find your buyer
  • Describe the property you would like to describe in the window in red.
  • Launch the search
  • inverso.com shows you real offers from real buyers (search mandates) which match your property.
  • You contact the agency that published the serach mandate directlyr
  • From this popint on, if the transaction takes place, you are protected by the involvement of a professional
A single undertaking and strong by inverso.com
  • Guaranteed confidentiality for sellers
  • A commitment to non-distribution to a third party and ensuring your information is not tracable.
  • You are the only one who decides whether or not to contact the real estate agency holding the search mandate.
  • No information entered is sent to real estate agencies or non-subscribers of inverso.com
inverso.com & Real Estate Agencies
    inverso.com allows real estate agencies to present the buyers for whom they launch search mandates in a unique maner.
    For that, real estate agencies suscribe to inverso.com and register their search mandates.
    The search mandates appear only in answer to a buyers' request and are in no case posted permenently.
What is a search mandate?
    A person looking to buy a real estate property can entrust his/her search to a real estate agent; inrder to do so, a contract must be signed between both parties: this is known as a search mandate.
    A search mandate is an official contract which can only be signed between a private buyer and a licensed real estate agent once the search criteria have been defined (type of property, rooms, square footage, location... etc.) and financing plan has been approuved (financial guarantee) by the licensed real estate agent.
    The search mandate has binding clauses in the same way as those of a sales mandate. it can be simple or exclusive. Any commission fees applicable in case of aquisition of a property will be the buyer's responsability.
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